Application Forms and Instructions Application Forms and Instructions

Here you can find instructions on how to
  • Have credit transfers and
  • Apply for an internship
  • Carry out a Bachelor's thesis project
  • All the different application forms concerning studies can be found under "Forms".
University regulations on education, please see instructions and regulations at LUT.

Credit tranfer from previous studies

If a student carries out studies in another Finnish or foreign university or other educational institution, s/he may apply for credit transfer. The credit transfers must be approved by the degree programme at the very beginning of the studies. The credit transfers are approved by the Head of the Degree Programme.

If you have completed applicable university degree courses, you may apply the courses from other universities to be included in your B.Sc. degree at LUT. Kindly contact for credit transfer, if you have one or more of the following:
- University courses that are not included in any degree
- Open university studies or adult education programmes

In issues concerning the credit transfers and submission of applications, please contact Study counselor Johanna Kosunen (johanna.kosunen(a)

Recognition of prior learning

There is a possibility to have your prior learning to be recognized, too, if you can provide evidence of skills and knowledge applicable to the degree, but acquired outside the formal learning system (e.g. learning at work). Only knowledge and skills equivalent to LUT courses are assessed.

Apply for internship

Please see the course description for courses  LES10A080 Internship in Finland, LES10A080 Internship abroad for instructions.


Carry out a Bachelor's thesis project