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    Application Forms and Instructions Application Forms and Instructions

    Please see all the instructions and regulations and forms in LUT.

    Forms Forms

    All forms are electronic, so you can fill them in and save them to your computer. Use a computer with Windows operating system. When you send a form from student.lut.fi address signature is not required.


    Application for Approval of Work Internship (Master's Degree)
    Work Internship Report
    Application for Additional Examination Retake

    Right to Study

    Application for Extended Right to Study
    Renouncing the Right to Study
    Application for the Separate Study Right certain course
    Application for Reinstatement

    Credit Transfer

    Master's Thesis

    Application for Approval of Master's Thesis Topic (Form 1A)
    Application for Assessment of Master's thesis (Form 1B)


    Application for Master's Degree Certificate (Form 1C)