The ABCs of International Internships The ABCs of International Internships

How do I find an internship?


Finding an internship is up to you and also part of the learning process related to internships.

There is a variety of internships at different levels available around the world. At the early stages of studies, internships abroad focus on the development of language skills and transferable skills. Later on, also the development of specialised skills related to your studies come into the picture.

You can find internships e.g. by directly contacting organisations that interest you or through different exchange programmes. Internships are also posted in the LUT Rekrynet or offered through many national and international organisations. Links to internship services can be found here.

Important! Some exchange programmes have limitations regarding organisations accepted for internships. Find out about the requirements of the exchange programme before applying.

How do I make sure the internship meets my needs?


If you are planning to include your internship to your degree or to apply for grants from LUT for your internship, you must receive prior approval from the internship coordinator of your degree programme.

Fill out LUT Grant Application form and then send the receiving organisation the documents below and ask the organisation to fill out the rest of the LUT Grant Application form in order to have the internship approved at the university.

Send the form filled out by the receiving organisation together with your up-to-date study plan and transcript of records to at least two weeks before the start of your internship. We will verify the progress of your studies and contact the internship coordinator of your degree programme. He will then based on the information decide whether the internship can be included in your degree and how many credits can be awarded for it. International internships are approved based on the same criteria as domestic internships.

If you are applying for an internship based on an open internship advertisement, fill out the LUT grant application form based on the internship advertisement.

How do I finance my internship?


The receiving company or organisation usually pays interns a salary, compensates expenses, or both.

Student financial aid or its housing supplement can be paid during an internship abroad. In such cases, the internship must be included in the degree. The decision is also affected by the number of months of financial aid used by the student. Verify your situation by e-mailing

Some exchange programmes include a grant for the duration of the internship. Otherwise, grants are rarely available for international internships. Find out about available grants at Also your own municipality may offer grants for internships.

Does LUT award grants for internships?

LUT awards the following grants for internships abroad:

  • Erasmus+ - a grant for internships in Europe, which can also be awarded for an internship immediately after graduation
  • Startup Life - a grant for internships in startups in San Francisco and Silicon Valley for visas and travel expenses.
  • LUT travel grant - for travel expenses related to internships or final thesis work abroad.

General terms for awarding grants:

  • The internship is measured in ECTS credits and is approved beforehand by the internship coordinator in your degree programme.
  • Your studies have progressed according to plan (55 ECTS credits/academic year) and you will be able to graduate within the target schedule (Bachelor's degree max. 7 semesters and Master's degree max. 5 semesters from the beginning of your studies) regardless of the internship.
  • The internship is full-time.
  • You have valid, compulsory insurance policies for the duration of the internship, covering also occupational accidents.

Applying for a grant

You can apply for LUT's grants non-stop for as long as there is grant money available. You should apply for a grant as soon as your internship is confirmed, but no later than two weeks before the journey or internship starts. Applications submitted later will not be considered, and grants will not be paid retroactively. Submit a signed application form and the required attachements to

Required agreements

Written agreements are always prepared on grants awarded by LUT. We will invite you to come sign and collect the agreements when they are ready.

Payment of grants

Grants awarded by LUT will be paid in one instalment after the agreements have been signed. The grants will only be paid to Finnish bank accounts.

If the student does not fulfil the terms and conditions of the internship agreement, LUT may recover any grants awarded.

Does LUT sign internship agreements?

LUT will only sign internship agreements if the student will meet the General terms for awarding grants (see above). This will apply also in the cases in which the student will not apply for any grants from LUT. In order to check the situation, please return LUT Grant Application and its appendix to

What if my plans change?

If LUT has awarded you a grant for your internship and problems or significant changes to the original plan occur during your internship, please e-mail us without delay at

How do I report on my internship and gain the credits?

An international internship funded by a grant should always be included in your degree. Follow the instructions of your degree programme and submit the required internship report to the internship coordinator of your degree programme to have the internship included in your studies. Note that the degree programme's internship instructions apply to both, domestic and internships abroad. 

Submit your internship/work certificate, copy of your internship report and an unofficial transcript of your records to within three months of the end of your internship. Note that the transcript of records needs to include your approved internship.

Students who have received the Erasmus+ internship grant should also respond to the EU Survey and take a language test before and after the internship. In case of Erasmus+ funding, you will receive an email invitation to both.