Learning Support


    In this section you can find general instructions to help your studies (e.g. principles for the recognition of prior learning and credit transfers at LUT Business Administration).

    Course LBM Aputeekki in Moodle: LBM report guidelines, instructions, links and tips about databases, software, methods of analysis etc.

    Studies abroad


    Credit transfer

    Flexible study right

    Quality management (incl. Student assessment policy)

    Normative duration of studies

    Please see also all the instructions and regulations in LUT.

    Inclusion of online courses (MOOCs) to the Master's degrees in Business Administration:

    If a student wants to include MOOCs in the degree, it must agreed beforehand with the Academic Director of the programme by sending him / her the course details and suitability to the programme. A maximum of 12 ECTS cr of MOOCs can be included in the degree. These courses can be located to replace alternative courses in core studies.